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Bedtime prayers for kids

most pagan children feel a little left out when it comes to bed time prayers because most parents don't know what type of prayers to teach them, well I have perused the internet for as many examples as I could find and the result is this post  hope you can find something you enjoy :D

Now I lay me down to rest
I pray that all the world be blessed
Lady Moon and Sister Star watch over me from afar
Mother Earth is always there
And keeps me safe within her care
The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing
And happy dreams to me will bring
And when I wake to greet the day
Brother Sun will light my way.
~Kitty Degler.~

The Child's Rede
———— —
Oh Gracious Goddess, Mother Earth,
I call to Thee with love and mirth,
Oh Horn-ed Hunter of the night,
I pray to Thee; show me thy light
As my heart grows strong
Teach me right from wrong,
Keep me safe
Keep me warm
So none will I harm,
So I will be
One with thee
As my will
So mote it be!
-Author Unknown

teaches children to raise a protection spell for sleep…
o golden light
o silver light
please weave your web around me and protect me through the night…
my day is done
my nights’ begun
my dreams before me are found
i sleep in peace of light
my perfect circle bound…
goddess bless

(for meal time)
Lord and Lady, watch over us,
and bless us as we eat.
Bless this food, this bounty of earth,
we thank you, so mote it be.

Corn and grain, meat and milk,
upon my table before me.
Gifts of life, bringing sustenance and strength,
I am grateful for all I have.

Hail! Hail! The hunt has ended,
and meat is on the table!
We honor the deer* who feeds us tonight,
may his spirit live within us!

I set a place at my table for the gods,
and ask them to join me here tonight.
My home is always open to you,
and my heart is open as well.

In ancient Rome, it was common to leave a bit of your food on the altar for your household deities. If you would like to do this at your meal, you could use the following prayer: This meal is the work of many hands,
and I offer you a share.
Holy ones, accept my gift,
and upon my hearth, leave your blessings.

Goddess Prayers
1. Mother of all things, watch over me tonight,
Hold me in your arms, until the morning light.

2. Blessed be the mother goddess, by all her many names.
May she bless my family and friends.
May she bless the animals of the world,
and all people everywhere.

3. Diana, goddess of the moon,
Shining in the sky above,
Bathe me in your magical light,
And protect me with your love.

God Prayers
1. The horned god runs in the night,
And hunts among the stars,
May he watch over and keep us safe,
No matter where we are.

2. Lord of night, welcome me as I sleep.
Guide me in the darkness,
and protect me as I dream

Goodnight Earth
The earth is big and fat and round,
I love the sky, the sea and the ground,
I love the birds and dogs and sheep,
and all the animals that fall asleep,
I love the flowers and rocks and trees,
I love the earth, and it loves me.

Fantasy Bedtime Prayer for Kids
Now I lay down in my bed,
And pull the covers up to my head.
I'll dream of dragons and fairies bright,
And pixies and wizards and elves tonight.
I'll dream of some sort of magical place, and
wake in the morning with a smile on my face.

A Psalm for Gaia
Written by Dolores Stewart Riccio
The Earth is my mother, I shall not want.
She nurtures me in green pastures;
she freshens me with flowing waters.
She restores my body and awakens my soul.
Although I walk in the shadow
of changing seasons and passing time,
I will not fear death,

The Magick (a bedtime chant)

(Close your eyes and imagine a circle of light going all around the room.)

O golden light,
O silver light,
Please, weave your web around me
And protect me through the night.
My day is done, my night begun,
With dreams before me found.
I shall sleep in peace and light,
My protective circle bound.
I said this prayer with all my children, and I sing a version of it to little Dante when I put him to bed at night.


Bedtime Prayer
author unknown
Day is done, it's time for bed
Goddess bless my sleepy head
Earth and Water, Air and Fire
Bring gentle dreams as I retire
When the morning sun does rise
The God will bless my open eyes


Diana, queen of night,

In all your beauty bright,
Shine on us here,
And with your silver beam
Unlock the gate of dream;
Rise bright and clear.
On earth and sky and sea,
Your magic mystery
Its spell shall cast,
Wherever leaf may grow,
Wherever tide may flow,
Till all be past.
O secret queen of power,
At this enchanted hour
We ask your boon.
May fortune's favor fall
Upon true witches all,
O Lady Moon!

Doreen Valiente


Earth my body,
Water my blood,
Air my breath,
And Fire my spirit.


Isis, Asarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innana


Make me strong in spirit
Courageous in action
Gentle of heart
Let me act in wisdom
Conquer my fear and doubt
Discover my own hidden gifts
Meet others with compassion
Be a source of healing energies
And face each day with hope and joy
~ Abby Willowroot

Oh Great Goddess
Bless this day
Keep me safe and whole
Oh Great Goddess
Bless my path
Help me to act on thy wisdom
Oh Great Goddess
Bless my family
All life on this Earth
~ Abby Willowroot

Thank You Great Goddess for this day
for the blessings and lessons that came my way
May my sleep be peaceful in dreams and rest
and tomorrow may I do my best
~ Abby Willowroot

Bed Time Prayer

Lady and Lord,
Please guide me,
and protect me,
and keep me safe,
from all harm

Please watch over Mommy,
and Daddy,
and me,
and all my family!

Blessed Be.

Food Blessing

Lady and Lord,
Thank you for this food which we're going to eat
Thank you for the earth in which it grew,
the rain that watered it,
the wind which gave it breath
and the sun which gave it life

Thank you for the life which was given so we can eat

We are grateful for all the blessings we have in our lives
and for all the unknown blessings already on the way

May we continue to live in health
and prosperity

Blessed Be.

Travel Blessing

Lady and Lord,
Please guide us and protect us on our journey
and keep us safe from all harm.

Please don't let us get into any accidents,
bumps, rubs,
or other trouble.

Just help us get to all the places we want to go to today,


So mote it be.

(found in the book Wiccan Prayers)
 Dearest Father, thank you for this glorious day.
Thank you for the sunshine, and thank you for the rain.
Thank you for the blue skies, rivers, streams and lakes.
Dearest Mother, thank you for the green grass, and thank you for the trees.
Thank you for the many birds singing in the breeze.
My dearest parents, thank you for giving of yourselves so selflessly to me.
Thank you for life itself, a precious gift that's free.
Blessed Be

Dearest Parents, Father God and Mother Goddess,I wish to thank you for a truly wonderful day.
I have experienced many ups and downs today, and with your help,
I have gained much joy and wisdom along the way.
Thank you for my health, thank you for my friends, and family,
thank you for my faith and thank you for the opportunity to be part of your world. 
Blessed Be

SUNDAY (For Strength)
O dearest Father, help me to know and understand your will, allow me the strength to accomplish all you ask of me. My dearest Mother, help me to be strong enough this day to show love to everyone, even those who show hatred toward me. So Mote It Be.

MONDAY (For Compassion)
Dearest Parents, please grant me the gift of compassion: For the green earth; your woods, forests,waters,air, animals and all people. Help me to become an example of compassion, so I may plant the seed of compassion for the betterment of all creation. Blessed Be

TUESDAY (For Fidelity to One Religion)
I call upon you, my Lord and Lady, to grant me the strength to remain forever faithful to my Path. Please help me to keep all of the promises I have made to you, my eternal parents, as well as those I have made to my brothers and sisters, especially those of my hearth and home. So Mote It Be

WEDNESDAY (For World Peace)
Dear Mother, please grant your children knowledge, understanding, patience, and love. Dear Father, please grant that through these gifts all nations may work together to end the world's suffering and put an end to all war so there will be everlasting peace. Blessed Be 

THURSDAY (For Wisdom)
O my dearest and eternal parents, please show me the way of wisdom, and grant me the strength to follow it no matter what adversary stands in my way. So Mote It Be

FRIDAY (For Patience)
O eternal Goddess, Maiden, Mother and Crone, I am made from your flesh and you know me better than I know myself. You understand depression, frustration, and anxiety. Please help me to control these emotions, and help me to convert these powerful feelings into love. O eternal God, King of infinite wisdom and goodness, I am created from your essence, and I thank you for the gift of life. Please teach me to be patient and humble, tolerant and gentle, especailly when life's problems become heavy and difficult to bear. So Mote It Be

SATURDAY (To Know and Accomplish the Will of the God & Goddess)
Dear Lord, Dear Lady, you have created me for a special purpose. This I know as fact. I humbly ask that you make known to me your will so I can understand and accomplish my life's mission. I promise to do my best to do good, to bring peace to the world, to always speak the truth, and to uphold the sacred teachings of my Path all the days of my life. So Mote It Be.

O God, O Goddess, you have created all people, all races, all traditions, and all faiths. 
You have taught us to worship you each in our own way. 
This can be very confusing at times and to a small child often traumatic.
Mankind has created much discontent, and prejudice is everywhere.
My prayer is for all the children, but especially the pagan child. 
Give them and their families the strength and endurance needed to survive these times
. Help them to grow and understand that ignorance and greed is the cause of all suffering, 
so that one day we all can be united as one family again. 
So Mote It Be

Dear eternal Father,
there is much unrest and disunity in the world.
Help us to embrace each other and live in peace and harmony in the pagan way
Dear eternal Mother,
we realize there are many different traditions of faith.
Help us to see past the difference and unite as one family in total harmony and love.
So Mote It Be

I Love The Earth
The Earth is big, fat, and round
I love the sky, sea, and ground
I love the birds, dogs, and sheep
And all the animals that fall asleep
I love the flowers, rocks, and trees
I love the Earth and she loves me!

Nighttime Prayer
Now I lay me down to rest
I know today I did my best
Into the Goddess care I’ll be
With Guardians watching over me

Morning Prayer
Each day I wake and blessed be
For all that has been shown to me.
I have each morning, all I need
Myself, the Law, and the Witches Rede

I hope you can find some of these useful, and I hope the kids enjoy them!


  1. I enjoyed reading all the pagan prayers you posted. For meals, I was taught:
    The table 'round contains the Earth
    And thus becomes the Mother;
    We share her bounty in this hour
    And praise and love each other.
    So mote it be!

    1. Larry Seidenberg-JonesMarch 6, 2019 at 10:30 AM

      That is the same one I use as well. Blessed Be.

  2. Thank you for these. My daughter, like me, has a very active dream life and sometimes she fears going to sleep. We read a few of these together and she and I were both comforted. ♡

  3. I love that one, Megan! I'm definitely going to incorporate some of these into our day. My daughter greatly enjoys thanking the Goddess every day, and she'd be even more happy if we had something specific to say.

  4. Thank you so much for this!! I have just discovered the Pagan/Wiccan belief system, and I look forward to practicing something I am confident that will help live my life fully and with love. Blessed be!!!

  5. Thank You for these...........when my children were small we had such a hard time finding prayers for it is so much easier to find them for my grandchildren and I am always looking for prayers and saving the lists for them to choose from for their daily devotions to the God and Goddess

  6. Are there any for Hellenistic Polytheists? Thanks:-)

  7. I loved these, thank you!! For meal time I taught my son: Thank you Lord and Lady for all of our bountiful blessings, and smile on our family and friends