Monday, May 30, 2011

Midsummer Solstice

Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, it is also one of the few pagan holidays marked on your every day calender, it is the time when we celebrate the earths bounty. The sun God is at his peek here and the Goddess is pregnant. mid summer is to celebrate the earth and everything she has given us, some may also know it as Litha after an ancient European goddess. in this thyme the Oak king and the Holly king battle for supremacy this thyme the Holly king is triumphant, some say that on this day you can see the Fae, my mother gives a word of caution on this subject to keep a sprig of rue in your pocket so they can't lead you away.

This is a thyme that we turn to the Important men in your lives and paying tribute to them, some say this is where fathers day came from, but remember that any man you consider important should be paid tribute to not just your fathers, you may also include your brother, your friend, your grandfather, your significant other, or any one you just want to say thanks to for helping you out this past year, share the love! 

Some activities that you might like to do are to make dream pillows, or decorating some brooms, this is a good day to recharge dream catchers because of the extra hours of sun.

some of the food for a good feats, are fresh fruits and veggies, and really anything you can harvest fresh from a garden grilling is a good thing to do, you can visit this site for more ideas  really just think your normal summer foods and you've got a feast :D

once again im not posting a ritual because i am encouraging you to go out and find, or write one of your own.

Happy solstice and Blessed be

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