Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Beltane or May day is celebrated on the first day of May(go figure) some may argue that this is the true "lady day" and not Ostara. on this day we celebrate the warmth, fertility and growth of nature around us, as well as the union of the god and goddess which is made obvious by the greening of the plants and earth around us as they burst into life.  this is the last of three spring fertility ceremonies the other two being Imbolc and Ostara. pagans consider this holy day the second greatest sabbat of the 8 pagan ceremonies. it is the holiday of the bale fire that brings blessings into the home. Beltane is known for is feasting, laughter and fun. Romance and love play and intricate role in the celebrations. This Holiday we in vision the love between the lord and lady, laughter, song and dance take high precedence our rites.

 you can do many crafts this holiday you can make floral crowns, maypoles(either normal size or miniature), you can plant flowers(as this is the best time to do so) drums and rattles are also a good thing to make this time of year. a small tea set for the faeries with offerings of milk and honey can be a fun thing to do as well. Be creative in this time of growth.

a large feast with friends is always a fun thing to do as well, some foods associated with Beltane are,  oats, cakes, custards, cream cakes, honey, eggs, dandelion, Spring greens, shellfish, edible Spring flowers, it is common to include phallic symbols in the form of eclairs(God) or jam filled tarts (Goddess). Dairy, any foods known for their aphrodisiac properties. most fruits and any edible flowers are very highly recommended. 

 once again as with Ostara i am leaving the task of finding a good ritual for you, you can go online and look or you can write one your self, so blessed Beltane, marry meat marry part and marry meat again         

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