Tuesday, April 5, 2011

calling your true love to you

now most love spells you would cast on a specific person...this is a bad idea because it causes infatuation not love and often makes people become obsessive to a point that they hurt either you them self's or someone else... this one you cast into the universe and it helps you find true love...and yes i did write this my self

cauldron(or a small glass or metal bowl,NOT PLASTIC!)
something to stir with
rose petals(dried)
rose red candle
love oil
sexual energy oil
lovers incense
small cup of water
something symbolizing you, or something you keep with you always(i have a lock of my own hair, you could also use a piece of jewelery,a picture of you, ect.)

set up your alter as you normally would using the lovers incense to represent air, but use a different candle or hot coal(shisha-lite) to represent fire. make sure you have a representation of the god and goddess. place all your items on your alter, the cup of water to be set aside.

cast your circle and call your corners.
take 1/2 of your petals and place them in the cauldron saying

"petals of the Rose so delicate and pure. True love may you bring to me"

light you rose-red candle

"fire of love ring true, with this candle i rid myself of bad relationships and false love"

light the rose petals on fire with the candle(this may take a few tries depending on how dry the petals are) lte them burn almost all the way out. pour the extra water over it

"Crystal  clear water make it easy for me to see true love when it finds me"

add 2 drops of the love oil

"mother goddess please send to me the one you know is meant for me"

add 2 drops of the sexual energy oil

"father god let my love be attracted to me sexually"

place the representation of you in and stir

"this is me true love may come and be known, please find the heart you own"

continue to stir while you visualize love finding you and being happy, take as long as you need until you feel you have gathered enough of this energy within your circle. put the other 1/2 of the petals on your alter, take your representation out and place on the petals to dry close you circle releasing the energy, thank the corners and the god and goddess for joining you in your rite. once the representation of you is dry keep it close to where you sleep, or on you as often as possible. and remember give it time to work, and don't ever give up on love.

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