Monday, April 11, 2011

A Wiccaning for Adults.

I have one wiccaning on here already, but it is meant more for small children I have two friends who will be getting their pagan names this week and I thought I'd share what we are doing for them for privacy purposes I'll be changing their mundane names :D Also I can not take full credit for this...the Goddess sent it to me in a dream.

Prepare your alter in the normal way, cast your circle of protection, and call your quarters. place some small cakes or cookies on a platter, and a glass(or many if  you are uncomfortable with sharing germs) with wine, mead, or juice.

(who ever is giving the ritual says)
  "As we journey through life we choose many important paths, you have chosen to take the path  to the Gods and Goddesses, and so today we give you your pagan names.

John the God and Goddess have given you the name Tintean, meaning hearth, for like a Tintean you keep your family protected, you hold them in your arms keeping them warm. With you they are loved. do you promise to up hold the name the God and Goddess have  given you?"

John- "I do so promise"

"Marie the God and Goddess have given you the name Gypsy Flame  for as a Gypsy loves and protect her family so do you, as a Flame warms and provides so do you. do you promise to uphold the name the God and Goddess have given you?"

Marie- "I do so promise"

"Then I send you Tintean, and you Gypsy Flame on your new path with the God and Goddess, may your voice be heard, your words ring true, and your heart be open. With these cakes and wine may we all be blessed by the God and Goddess."   

pass around the cakes and wine for every one to enjoy, when done every onw says
"Hail Tintean!"
"Hail Gypsy Flame!"

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