Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good dream fairy spell

If you are haunted by the Mares of the night (aka. nightmares) then this spell will bring the help of the fairies to keep your dreams good and the Mares running

Materials Needed 
A Dream Catcher, make sure it is is cleansed of all energy.
Bell(for calling the fairies)
Incense (something that reminds you of fairies or spring)

Light Incense and draw a star in the air over the dream catcher with the smoke and say

"Fairies of light,
so good and so bright.
Guide only good dreams to me tonight"

Draw a circle around the star and say

"Fairies of night,
so playful and fun
keep the night mares on the run."

place the incense down (keep safe and make sure its where it wont sent any thing on fire, an incense burner is recommended) hold your hands over the dream catcher, and imagine good feelings flowing out of your hands and into the dream catcher, take as long as you feel you need to do this, when done pick up the Bell and say

"Triple Goddess of the moon bless me with the fairies soon.
one ring of the bell brings the fairies to me."

ring bell

"Second ring, lets them hear my plea"

ring bell again

"Third ring may they bring good dreams only"

ring bell, let the Incense burn out on its own. hand the dream catcher at the head of your bed, about the middle is best. And remember Fairies are more likely to listen and help if you get a small tea set for them and offer cream(milk if you don't have cream) cake(bread works ) and honey (they get mad if you try to substitute the honey)   

I wrote this spell for my little girl, and have recently perfected it, I thought it would be nice to share this one with you all.

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