Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spirit guide ritual for children

hildren's Rituals are generally shorter then adult ones and have a lighter atmosphere. These rites give children an opportunity to stretch there attentive skills, and there spirits, by creatively interacting with the metaphysical world. (guided by an adult) Whenever possible children involved should themselves call the Quarters (and other terms) so they learn how to work with magical energy more effectively. Sometimes it helps to present this idea to the children as taking a role in a special play.
Explain to them the importance of this  "play" and what to expect in advance. Then walk the children through a few "dress rehearsals" so they feel comfortable with the proceedings. In the end, as children grow older 'this prepares them for taking an adult role in the family circles.

Animal Guide:

Most children have a natural affinity for animals. This Ritual is designed to help them find a personal animal guide that can stay with them and support them through the most difficult parts of growing up. You'll need a small piece of bread, a celery leaf, seeds and a bowl of water for each child. These are left on the alter until needed. You also need one nine inch strand of yellow yarn for each child participating.


Rhyming invocations help children remember them better. Older children can write some of their own. This particular invocation ends in the North to emphasize the earth and its creatures. If possible enact the circle
outdoors- it proves far more successful.

In the East say: " Lord of the Wind, come dance and play---Join us in sacred space today"

In the South say: "Lord of the fires, warm us within---so our magic can begin"

In the West say: " Lady of Water, fill us with cheer---Cleanse and protect everyone here"

In the North say: " Lady of Earth, reveal your spirits---let them join in this circle with us"

The Ritual:

Have each child take the seeds, celery leaves, bread, and a bowl of water to a spot in the circle, facing outward. Have them pour out the water, sprinkle the seeds, break the bread, and toss the celery leaves out to the ground saying:

"Spirit animals of water, earth, air and fire, take our gifts our dreams inspire"

Next give each child the yellow yarn. Have them tie into it three knots saying:

"With the knot of one, my magic's begun.
 With the knot of two, let my dreams come true.
 With the knot of three, bring my guide to me!"

Every night for the next three days the children should keep the yarn knots under there pillow and a dream journal handy. If a spirit animal is to come it will reveal itself in these dreams.

Closing the circle:

The circle should always be closed in the opposite direction it was opened

In the North say: "Earth and stone, earth and stone, stay with us, till we're safely home."

In the West say: 'Waves and rain, Waves and rain, Merry part and Merry Meet again."

In the South say: "Fire and flame, Fire and flame, return freely from where you came."

In the East say: "Air and wind, wind and air, move our power, our magic bear."

Take time after the ritual  to let the children discuss the experience and verbalize what they think different animals might represent (and why).

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