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This is the Wiccaning Ceremony I wrote for my daughter.  It worked very
well, and even the (several) non-pagan participants told me it was
beautiful, meaningful, and heart-warming.  :)

* Set up the altar as usual, but avoid all sharp objects.
* Use milk and cookies rather than wine and cakes.
* Cast the Circle before the guests arrive, as usual.
* When the guests arrive, bring everyone into Circle and close the Door
  (if there are those who might be "offended", you can easily have a
  Maiden or friend close the Door surrepituously...).

"Guardians of the Four Quarters
Air, Fire, Water Earth
Join us here, celebrate
Confirmation of a child's birth!"

* Have four people call the Quarters (arrange this beforehand).

"Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone,
Join us here; watch o'er Your own.
Young Lord, Old Lord; Husband, Son,
Be with us to bless this one."

Bless the milk:  "As the athame is to the male,
                 So the Chalice is to the female.
                 And conjoined they be one in truth.
                 For there is no greater magic in all the world
                 Than that of a man and a woman (alt: "two people")
                 Joined in the bonds of love."

Bless the cakes: "These cakes are the fruition of the union
                 of our Lord and Lady.
                 Let all but the blessings of that union
                 Be cast out, that we may all
                 Share in Their bounty!"

HPS:  We are met in this Circle to ask the blessings of the Lord and
Lady on (child's mundane name), daughter of (mother's name) and
(father's name).  May she grow in beauty and strength, joy and wisdom.


HPS:  There are many Paths, and each must find her own.  Therefore, we
do not seek to bind (baby) to any one Path while she is still too young
to choose.  Instead, we ask the Lord and Lady, who know *all* Paths, to
bless, protect and prepare her through the years of her childhood.
Then, when she is at last fully grown, she shall know, without a doubt,
which Path is hers, and shall tread it gladly.  (Father), please bring
(baby) forward that she may be blessed.

HPS:  (Baby's) mother has chosen a Hidden name for her.  (Mother), what
is that name?

Mother:  (Hidden name)

HPS:  Then in the silent senses of the Lord and Lady, she shall be known
as (Hidden name).

* Anoint forehead with oil (pentagram):
  "I anoint thee, (mundane name), with oil,
  and give thee the Hidden Name, (Hidden name)."

* Anoint forehead with wine/juice/milk:
  "I anoint thee, (Hidden name), with wine,
  In the name of the Lord."
  (Whisper private name of the God into baby's ear).

* Anoint forehead with water:
  "I anoint thee, (Hidden name), with water,
  In the name of the Lady."
  (Whisper private name of the Goddess into the baby's ear).

* Touch the baby's crown, and say:
  "You are named (mundane name), also (Hidden name).
  And I dedicate you to a life of peace and love.

* Touch baby's "third eye":
  "...That you may see your way clearly."

* Touch baby's throat:
  "...that you may speak the truth."

* Touch baby's heart:
  "...that your heart always be open."

* Touch baby's solar plexus:
  "...that your Will and Strength be strong."

* Touch baby's belly:
  "...that your sexuality be joyful and loving."

* Touch baby's vagina (penis):
  "...that you be a gateway (progenitor) of lives and creations to come."

* Touch baby's hands:
  "...that you may always do the Lord and Lady's work,
  no matter how you see or worship Them."

* Touch baby's feet:
  "...that you always walk the Path you're called to."

* Touch baby's crown:
  "Bless this child, who is a tiny Goddess...
  Bless her, protect her, and give her a joyful life!"

HPS:  In the story of Sleeping Beauty, the good fairies all blessed the
baby with a special gift.  (Mother) asks now that you each bestow her
with a personal blessing.  (Baby), I bestow upon you the gift of love.
(Kiss baby's head, then walk to Father, who says blessing, then to
Mother, etc. through all guests present.)

HPS:  Are there any here who would stand as Godparents to (baby)?

* Godparents step forward:  "We would."

HPS:  Do you, (names of Godparents, one at a time), promise to be a
friend to (baby) through her childhood; to aid and guide as needed; and
in concord with her parents, to watch over her and love her as if she
were of your own blood; until, by the grace of the Lord and Lady, she is
ready to choose her own Path?

Godparents (one at a time):  I, (name), do so promise.

HPS:  The Lord and Lady have blessed her;
      We, her friends and family have welcomed her;
      Therefore, Oh Circle of STars,
      Shine in peace on (baby),
      Whose Hidden name is (Hidden name).
      So mote it be!

* Thank guests, cut them a door, allow them to leave.
* Close Circle as usual.
* Party, and gift giving if the baby (or parents) are ready.


i love this ritual a lot!

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